Has the FA Cup lost its appeal?

09/05/2012 | By More

Took some time out last Saturday to trade the FA CUP final pre-off. I was expecting a vibrant, lively market but ended up with the opposite and traded out for a small loss. The racing was yielding much more.

I was surprised at how little matched bet turnover there was. At the start of the FA CUP final there was matched bet volume of £3,533,632. On Tuesday night the same teams met again in the premier league and the matched bet volume at the start of the match was £4,784,666. The FA Cup final yielded over £1.5m less in turnover. Curious.

I haven’t trade the FA Cup final that much in previous years so I can’t tell if this is unusual or something to be expected, but it was a surprise. I am just looking for an explanation now. It does seem that the FA Cup is less important now than in previous years. Perhaps the FA should inject some life into it if they want to raise its profile again. It seems the premier and champions league are the dominant forces now.

Not as shiny as it looks

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