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Horse Racing workshop

Why trade horse racing?

Trading horse racing markets pre-off is big business. In 2015 just short of £9bn was matched on horse racing before a single stride in the race had been completed.

That’s more than twice as much as football and nine times the same amount that is matched on Tennis. Racing is the biggest pre-off market on Betfair and provides some unique trading opportunities.

As I write this, today there are eight race meetings, with a total of 50 races across the cards. Even small profits per race add up to larger totals when you multiply it by these sorts of numbers.


Uniquely, for somebody in this market, I’ve made my money by trading for a living consistently for many years. That it my priority, I love it and I love pushing forward by researching new ideas and trading methods. That’s how I’ve maintained my edge in the market.

06-05-2016 13-58-55Because of my unique position, I get a lot of people asking for additional advice, but I am unable to give it. Trading is very much a full-time job! In fact, it’s more than that if you do it seriously. You could practically trade 24 hours a day at peak periods.

I’ve been looking for ways reach a wider audience and better help people who want to actively trade and learn from a real full-time trader, rather than a full-time trainer! So that’s why we have created this course.

The day will be split between myself and another trader who will guide you through the live sessions in the afternoon. We will both be present in the morning to get the day off with a bang and for you to interrogate me as much as you wish. The other tutor was been trained by me and has successfully made the transition from attending a course I did in 2006, to full-time trader and now expert status. His speciality is racing markets. Not only that, but he is a great trainer as well and has been working with us to provide mentoring for a number of years.

It’s a perfect match!

The course & what you will learn

It will be a busy day, but it also intended to be informal and relaxed. Our main aim is to teach you how to trade the pre-race Racing markets and what to look for.

The day will start with introductions of both tutors and delegates. We want it to be a social occasion where everyone participates. If you feel intimidated in a class environment, it may not suit you. There will be no pressure on delegates to trade but we need feedback and active dialogue. The emphasis is on it being a fun and educational event.

We will then move into how to better read the markets, spot the correct entry and exit points, learn the true value of key indicators, plus a lot more. There will be lots of time for questions and answers so you can get guidance on problematic areas. During the morning, you will get the opportunity to quiz the full-time traders, including me of course (Peter Webb), on their views on the market and how they trade, what and why. This is your chance to get some key questions answered by people who can give you the answers.

After lunch, you will be guided by a professional trader who will look at live markets and everyone can add their input to what is happening. We can trade them live and anyone who wants to have a go can also trade themselves and we can offer guidance. There is no obligation to trade live if you don’t wish to, but you will have the opportunity if you wish.

You can never tell 100% how any one session will turn out, but hopefully we can find some quality opportunities and point out key characteristics in the markets and things to avoid. Sometimes not making a loss is a good step to a profit!

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Our facilities

When you attend a course with us you will be welcomed into custom training facilities at our offices. We have live feeds coming into the office and dedicated monitors on each desk, so each delegate can experience the same view of the market as us. We have a very strict limit on numbers, as we want to provide the perfect balance between instructor and attendee interaction.

We don’t cram as many of you in as possible to maximise revenue, we prefer to make the setting for the training an environment that is realistic as possible. You will arrive in a live working office where people trade from each day and where hundreds of millions have been traded over the years, not a conference centre or hotel where feeds and dedicated facilities are unavailable. You will learn why this is important on the day.

Our proposition

We have structured the course specifically to give you the maximum amount of information in the shortest time with some practical experience observing the markets. This comes from our own extensive knowledge in the markets. That knowledge has come from practical experience of actively trading these markets for over 16 years. All the material we deliver is completely unique, original and built on our own analysis of the markets. We have unrivalled knowledge and experience of the markets and more importantly, unrivalled results from our work.

We look forward to seeing you on the next course

Additional information

We aim to start the course at 09:30 but there is no panic if you can’t make it exactly at that time. We typically finish around 18:00.

Lunch and refreshments are provided as we have all these facilities in place already. We also have pen, paper and writing materials. Please bring your own laptop if you wish to use it.

You can find general directions, hotels and travel information on this link.

Your booking is subject to our standard terms and conditions which can be viewed on this link.

Limited availability

To ensure the highest level of education and interaction, there will only be six places available at each course, so you will need to act quickly to ensure you can secure a place. Add yourself to the mailing list to ensure you are notified when new dates become available.

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