Tennis scores – Live, High speed, where you want!

If you’re looking for live tennis scores, then you’ve arrived at the right place. With Bet Angel you get high speed scores directly from the umpire’s seat at the event. Let’s have a look at some of the ways in which you can use and display live tennis scores within Bet Angel, the best Betfair trading software available if you are trading Tennis.

Tennis trader – Set up the perfect trade using live scores

Probably the most obvious place to start when you’re looking for live scores is with Bet Angel unique tennis profiling tool, Tennis trader.

Tennis trader is the must-have piece of kit for anybody that’s attempting to do Betfair trading on tennis markets. If you are sports betting you are looking at a straight value bet, but when you’re trading tennis you are looking at price movements. Therefore, it’s important to understand where the market’s likely to go given certain score lines and that’s exactly what tennis trader will do. It will allow you to understand where the market is potentially going and the likely profit and loss you will make if you take a position at this particular point in the match and exit at some point in the future. Tennis trader will go off and look at the market, calibrate itself to the underlying score, and then project itself forward to do this. You can even define your own model by adjusting its core parameters. It’s a must-have piece of kit.

Tennis trader will pull in live tennis scores for you and automatically recalibrate the algorithm to give the mode the best possible view on where the odds are likely to go given certain score lines. No spreadsheets or complicate maths needed.

Automate your Tennis trading with live scores

You can also use live tennis scores in automation. There’s a whole suite of example automation files that will allow you to plug yourself into a tennis match and place positions based upon certain things happening within the match itself. This makes this particular feature incredibly powerful for tennis traders because not only can you use the automation to trigger exit or entry positions, but you can also use it to scan matches and alert you to key moments that are occurring within a match.

Monitor scores of matches at the same time

If you load your matches in our Guardian tool, you can display them in a watch list. Watch lists allow you to look at a vast range of matches available on the Betfair betting exchange, all at the same time. This will allow you to spot interesting opportunities or just take an interest in action elsewhere. You can pin the watch list and display it anywhere on any of your monitors. This will run in the background while you work on your main market and you can switch to another market with just a click.

Whether Tennis is one of your favourite sports to trade or not. You can create separate watch lists for different sports events and display different watch lists for each one. Or merge different betting markets into one real time watch list.

Get alerted to trade entry points with live scores

If you look at popular tennis trading strategies such as the 15-40 strategy. Not only can you automate these within Bet Angel, but you can get Bet Angel to scan a whole range of markets on the Betfair exchange, looking for specific score lines throughout the match. It can then alert you via a sound, a message, or even switch you to the market to allow you to actively trade that particular Tennis match. You can manually switch if you choose to do so, either that or just leave it to Bet Angel!

Display live scores anywhere

One big advantage of the way that Bet Angel works is through automation, servants or other features. Is that you can actually take any data, including live scores, and put them elsewhere.

So an example of how to do this is you can actually display live scores at the top of your favoured trading interface, whether it be a one click screen or the ladder interface. You can actually put all of this information immediately available right in front of you. This is completely flexible in terms of data and layout, so you can combine it with other information if you wish.

This makes it very easy to actively trade and keep an eye on what’s going on within the match.

High speed tennis scores

One of the big advantages that you have with Bet Angel and its live tennis scores, is the speed at which they will arrive. If you watch live TV pictures, you will often find that the score and Bet Angel updates way before the pictures that you see on the so-called ‘live’ TV feed. This is because the pictures feeds have to be recorded and the event, transmitted via an uplink, downloaded, produced and retransmitted and sometimes streamed over the web, to get to where you are watching them.

With Bet Angel, the scores come directly from the umpire’s chair. As soon as a point is awarded, the umpire will press this button and milliseconds later it will arrive within Bet Angel. You can speed modify the speed at which Bet Angel receives these updates in the settings area.

Tennis live scores on a spreadsheet

Wherever you want to display live scores whether on the one click screen, on the latter interface, wherever you wish to choose to display the live scores, they will appear. That also includes through an Excel spreadsheet. Maybe you have some complex model stored in some pivot tables or some quantitative data in some Microsoft excel files. Get Bet Angel to look up your data and trigger a trading position when something specific happens. It’s the ultimate flexibility.


There are many ways to display tennis scores live on Bet Angel and they are lightning fast as well. Bet Angel is one of the most flexible tools available for Betfair tennis traders and really is the best Betfair trading software for Tennis markets.

The quality of information, the way you can store it, display it and use the information is unrivalled. That’s why you should be using Bet Angel if you are a serious tennis trader. 

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