Bet Angel – Betfair trading software – How to buy

Buying a serial number

If you wish to use Bet Angel, you will need to purchase a serial number. Buying a serial number means that when you next log into Bet Angel you can register the serial number to extend your access to either Bet Angel – Trader edition or Bet Angel – Professional.

Registering a serial number

Once you have a serial number, simply start up Bet Angel and register the serial number during the log in process. If you have validated your email on Bet Angel, it will automatically look up and apply any serial numbers that are within one month of your renewal date.

If you are within one month of renewing your subscription to Bet Angel, registering a serial number will simply add it to your existing term, meaning that you do not have to wait for your existing term to expire.

How to purchase a serial number

Purchasing a serial number to register on Bet Angel is easy, just click on the links below and complete the purchase process and you will be sent a serial number.

Bet Angel costs much less than you would think, with Bet Angel Trader starting at only £5 per month and Bet Angel Professional £12.50 a month.

Bet Angel Professional

5 days – BUY NOW – 99p per day

60 days – BUY NOW – £20 per month

365 days – BUY NOW – £12.50 per month

Bet Angel Trader

30 Days – BUY NOW – £6.00 per month

365 Days – BUY NOW – £5.00 per month

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