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Bet Angel v1.55 see’s yet another innovate feature added to Bet Angel already highly customizable Betfair ladder trading screen, this new feature is called ‘Markers’.

As the name suggests ‘Markers’ allow the user to highlight areas of interest to them on the ladder screen. Markers are fully customizable allowing the user to highlight any cell/s or row on the ladder using top/bottom or side lines quickly and easily with a full border or the filling of the whole cell. Markers can be placed in any or all columns, ie, the odds column, traded volume column, odds, back/lay columns etc.

There are many reasons and advantages to using ‘Markers’, and this blog will show just a few of these as examples and how to configure them.

Cross-Over Odds and Key Prices

In the first image I’ve created markers to highlight all the cross-over odds (2.0, 3.0, 4.0, 6.0, 10.0 etc) by filling the cells white, I’ve also created markers to highlight where the key bookmakers fractional odds are on the ladder using a white border, ie, decimal odds of 2.10 is 11/10 in fractional odds, 2.20 is 6/5, 2.50 is 5/4 etc, all these key prices are now easy to see at a glance.

To create ‘Markers’ is very easy, begin by clicking on the spanner icon while on the ladder screen to open the Ladder settings editor, then go onto the ‘Markers Tab’, from there you will be able to customize and configure the ‘Style’, ‘Colour’, ‘Columns’ and ‘Prices to be marked’. The image below shows you the settings I used to create the ‘Markers’ on the ladder screen above.

In addition to setting markers as fixed prices they can also be set using stored values from servants or Automation rules, this gives them a further level of flexabiliy and makes them even more dynamic and even able to change automatically depending on the criteria you give them.

For example you might want to set a marker on the high/low traded price and have them continually update automatically as new high/lows are reached, allowing you to clearly see at a glance where a price of a selection has touched during a chosen period.

Display Markers from Servants & Automation Rules

In the next image I’ve taken a ready-made Servant you can download from the Bet Angel forum. Once started on a selection this Servant will begin storing the value of the highest and lowest back/lay prices reach. As you can see, I’ve started it on the first two ladders (at different times) the markers now make it clear to see the high/low prices these selections have touched since I started the Servant.

This works very simply, the Servant already has rules to store the value of the highest lay price of a selection with a stored value named ‘high’ And the lowest back price of a selection with a stored value named ‘low’

All we need to do now, is set up the ‘Marker’ in the Bet Angel Ladder settings area to look up the name of the shared stored value and configure how you want the marker displayed on your ladder screen. This time for the ‘Price to be marked’ option instead of using a ‘fixed price’ we’ll use ‘Shared Stored Value’, new fields will appear were you can input the stored value details. For this example we need to look for a stored value named ‘high’.

We then need to click the ‘Add Marker’ button to create another marker, this one will be to mark the price of the shared stored value named ‘low’, I will of course also be changing the columns option to the back column and using a different colour to fill the cell with.

Once that’s been done and you’ve saved the ladder settings you’re ready to go, just ensure you have that ladder settings profile selected on your ladder trading screen then start the servant on whichever selection/s you want to store the hi/lo prices on and you will see the prices marked for you.

Using the servant from the forum you can at any time start the servant on the same selection again and it will clear the current hi/lo prices marked and begin storing new hi/lo’s from that time onwards.

Point & Click to set Markers on Cells or Rows

Another way you might want to use a Marker is to manually place one on the fly to highlight a cell or row of cells where you have seen something of interest, perhaps you’ve spotted large amounts of unmatched money keep appearing/disappearing and want to highlight the price/s where this has been happening or some other activity that has caught your eye and you want highlight it with a ‘Marker’

Like the previous example above placing on the fly ‘Markers’ on the ladder in a point and click way requires the use of a servant. There is also a ready made servant and even a ready-made ladder settings file have been made for you and can be download from the following page on our forum.

All you need to do now is select that ladder settings profile and point your mouse cursor over a cell of a selection you want to place a ‘Marker’ on and click, a ‘Marker’ will then be placed across that row as shown in the image above, were you can see the marker placed on the 2nd and 3rd runners where i’d earlier seen some actvity of interest.

High low traded point

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