Automation To Assist Your Manual Trading

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Many users of Bet Angel will have full strategies or systems which they have fully automated by using a combination of the options and conditions available within Guardians Advanced Automation to trigger their bets into the market.

However, using advanced automation does not mean you must trigger bets with it every time, instead if you prefer trading manually and having full control over when you open, close and green up your positions then there’s no reason why you can still can’t utilise all the automation conditions to assist you by simply alerting you when there may be an opportunity.

You might be waiting for several market conditions to fall in place before attempting a quick scalp, for example a few of these could include be;

  • Odds of a selection have traded within the same 2-3 prices for the last 60 secs or more.
  • WOM to be steady between than 45% / 55%
  • Book% to be near 100%.

This can be a lot of information to keep monitoring and watching for yourself and may even result in missed opportunities. So why not use automation and let it do a lot of the hard work for you by constantly scanning the market looking for all the conditions you have pre-set to be in place before playing a sound alert to notify you each time they do, you can then still take brief stock of the overall market situation and make the final decision on whether to place the trade or not.

Additional alerts can be added to let you know if there is a possible swing trade entry or if already in a trade when it may be time to ‘Green Up’, for example if a different selection to what your trading on starts to reverse heavily then this is a possible sign to get out of your trade sooner rather than later.

If your interested in giving this a go this video tutorial will help you to get started.

Or have a look at the shared files section on the Bet Angel forum – any of these can easily be changed to alert you rather than trigger an actual bet.


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