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As regular Bet Angel forum users will be aware last month the forum was upgraded and moved to a better, faster server. The simple reason for this – to handle the increased flow of traffic which has been steadily building for some time now.


We have a simple philosophy for the forum, that has helped it grow steadily over time. It’s viewed very much as a collective effort, the sum of all participants, not just Bet Angel users, and is governed by some simple rules.  We have let people discuss, within reason, what they wish, abuse and spam aren’t tolerated, but open discussion is. Moderators also have a light touch and that has helped foster the right spirit and has seen activity on the forum grow significantly, in the right manner.

The forum traffic has always been very steady but started to rise rapidly in 2015 and we decided to get the forum and site upgraded to cope with the additional traffic.

Most talked about

During this rise the section which has seen the biggest increase in new topics during is the Automation section closely followed by the Newbie/Getting Started and General Discussion sections. This is not that surprising considering in recent years there has been a general increase in the number of traders actively looking to use automated/triggered betting as part of or in some cases all there trading activity which is also why several of the recent upgrades of Bet Angel Professional have been focused on this area.

The Newbie/Getting started section and General Discussion sections have always been very popular, attracting many new threads from both new and existing traders looking to expand into new areas and/or are exploring new features of the software as there introduced.

As expected the most popular sporting section of the forum is of course Horse Racing followed by Football, after that generally all the rest of the sections have increased relative to their historic popularity. The chart below details all the top ten sections which received the most new topics.

Why even use a forum?

When it comes to finding out any information to do with trading there is no shortage of it available all over the internet, after all it’s the way most people hear about trading in the first place. The hard part is trying to sort out the good information from the bad and the relevant from the dated, what may have worked a few years ago may no longer be as relevant due to the markets constantly evolving. At least with a community of traders who are actively trading the markets full time every day – a lot of who have been doing so for many years you can be sure any advice and guidance given is going to be both accurate and relevant to today’s markets.

Over time we have grouped topics and advice in handy areas for people new to trading or a particular sport to explore. There is plenty of reading material in the forum, whatever your interests.

Why so popular?

That’s simply down the forum community itself which despite its growth has always been a very friendly and welcoming place for traders of all levels of experience, from anywhere. Users are always on hand ready to help each other out where possible. Over the years a lot of members have gone on to forge very good friendships with each other. Another reason as a lot of old hands will testify to is trading can become a very lonely occupation so just having some form of contact with other likeminded people who not only share the same interests but also understand what it is you actually do will often help.

Not yet a member then why not register today, it take 2 minutes and is completely free – you don’t even need a Bet Angel subscription. Once registered you’ll be part of the busiest and friendliest sports trading communities and will be able to get involved with all the daily chat and i look forward to meeting you in their.


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