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Half term is a good opportunity for a break

So, I decided to head out of the country for half term week. It’s a good time of year to do that and relatively speaking, a low opportunity cost for me.

It’s amazing how technology has changed since I started trading on Betfair. The first time I had to head oversea’s it was pretty much impossible to get a decent internet connection, Skype didn’t exist as a widespread platform and trading oversea’s was pretty much unthinkable.

To certain extent, trading is still unthinkable in some countries. Dare mention the word ‘bet’ and you will still be blocked in many countries regardless of the end point. If it includes the word ‘bet’ in it, then over a standard connection you are blocked. As I discovered last week, you couldn’t even visit our web page!

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However, I was officially on Holiday, not a working holiday! Though I can’t avoid keeping in touch with the markets or business, as that’s my job, but for a week or so it can very firmly take a back seat.

Travelling trader

Overall, trading from remote locations has got to the stage where it’s perfectly possible from a number of viable locations around the globe. Internet connectivity either directly, via WiFi or tethering from a phone, allows high speed access from most places. Skype and other services offer a viable way to keep in touch with people all over the globe quickly, easily and cheaply. Live video can be streamed very quickly as well now. It’s a sharp contrast from some of the things I’ve had to do in the past to be able to trade. Sometimes it just wasn’t viable. It’s easy now.

Internet at 30,000 feet

One thing caught my attention on this trip was Internet access in the plane. It was the first time I have had the chance to use this service. Hey, trading just reached a new level! I couldn’t resist giving it a try, so sent a few texts, read some emails and did a few other things. I also thought it would be cool to log into a VPS, fire up Bet Angel and get some automation going. I figured half way across the Atlantic there wouldn’t any dumb legislation that would restrict access!

So for the first time ever I managed to initiate some trading from a Boeing 747 high over the Atlantic. Wow, how things have changed. But it also demonstrates how technology is here to sweep away previous barriers and build some new opportunities. As Arthur C Clarke (watch the video) predicted in 1964, there are few limits available, if technology and it’s benefits are embraced.

A message for us all in there, we don’t need to live in the past. But to do this we need to actively encourage everybody to embrace technology and the opportunity and benefits that it brings.

Here’s to ensuring we keep looking forward and not backwards. The opportunities are unlimited!

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