US Open Tennis – Arm yourself to the teeth this year!

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While the summer evening racing markets have finished, thanks to the US Open tennis there is still plenty to do in the evenings at the moment.

With Bet Angel you get the benefit of specialist Tennis trading tools, namely: –

  1. The unique Tennis modelling and profiling tool – Tennis trader
  2. Live scores on each match
  3. A handy watch list so you can look at all matches and scores all at once
  4. The ability to trade on live scores via a spreadsheet
  5.  Completely automate your Tennis trading via Guardian’s automation tool

Bet Angel can even switch to a market when a nominated score line comes us. In short there is no better software for trading tennis on Betfair.

The US Open is the last Tennis grand slam tournament of the year. Because of the time difference to the US, it is a really useful market to trade and the level of interest in a grand slam will ensure good liquidity. It’s a good opportunity to trade some quality Tennis markets.

How to get ahead in any trading market

When I started looking seriously into Tennis, I started doing the same thing that I’ve done in every other market; get a deep understanding of how to trade it. I always ask myself the same questions. Why did this happen, how does this affect things, where are the most opportunities created? Where can I find them, how can I predict that?

As you have often seen in Bet Angel we come up with innovative solutions to help us solve these problems and that’s why we created Tennis trader.

Modelling and it’s role in trading

The rationale behind Tennis trader is simple. From my earliest foray into gambling markets, my desire has always been to model any market I participated in. I do that because I am using a simple premise; to get a full understanding of a market. I learnt that rather than spending years ‘feeling’ what the market was going to do, or relying on a hunch, it helped if you could actuallymodel what should happen and then use that as the basis for participation. After all if you don’t understand what risk you are taking, how can you safely participate in any market?

It’s really useful when trading to know roughly what upside and downside your next decision is likely to yield so by using a modelling or profiling tool you can say, ‘If I enter here and exit when this happens, how much could I make or lose?’

This is exactly what Tennis trader was designed to do. It’s a very useful tool and best of all it is free with Bet Angel!

So when you participate in these markets, you will always have to anticipate something and judge whether it’s worth the risk and likely payoff. In the case of Tennis, a service hold or a service break. Modelling will allow you to know roughly what either of these scenarios will do to the odds. More importantly it will allow you experiment to your hearts content without risking any money, so even if you have never traded Tennis before, you can experiment without fear even before the match has started. Why not use the practice mode as well to further experiment and test your Tennis Trading ideas.

Learn more about Tennis trading and Tennis Trader

To learn more about Tennis Trader and see some Tennis trader videos,visit the Tennis section on BetAngel.TV

To read about tennis trading click here to read Tennis posts on the blog.

As always, whatever you are doing and however you do it, good luck!

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