Galwood day one

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It was a slow but interesting start to the week at Goodwood and Galway.

The Tuesday is always a bit tricky because the racing cards are a little bit weaker on these days. As a case in point, the top races today dwarf the the whole card from yesterday at both courses.

We have a group one race at Goodwood today, the Sussex stakes, that should prove interesting trading fodder and we also have a Galway plate. Both of these races are very big.

I had a mixed day yesterday and really could have performed much better, but today I hope to really get into gear and learn a little bit more about the markets. It seemed to me yesterday that the markets had got things totally wrong. A lot of traders were using stakes that were way out of proportion to the underlying liquidity and is pretty much cocked up everything!

The races in between Goodwood were far more interesting with some massive moves taking place yesterday.

On Betdaq Goodwood didn’t compare as favourably as I thought it should do. Volumes in comparison to Betfair were lighter than I expected. But of course you also have to take into account fill rate, so while volumes were light the markets were not as bad as they seemed. But they could have been a whole lot better . However,¬†Galway was way out there in terms of how good the markets traded. Big Irish races just trade so well on Betdaq now.

So I’m looking forward today to day two, it should be better than day one and with the bigger races I can hopefully up stakes and try and get some bigger results.

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