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Happy 4th of July to our American users. Hold on we don’t have any (yet)!

But the independence I am talking about takes a slightly different slant anyhow.

When we first designed Bet Angel it was a very simple one click interface. As time evolved we branched the product out to include more and more features, it was a reflection of our journey through the markets.

One of the early features we put into Bet Angel was the link to a Excel spreadsheet. This help us trade automatically and gather data about the markets. We could also play around with aspects of the market. But we realised that this was a little complex for a few users.

So we added the ability to automate through a simpler interface. All the key commands in one simple to use way. Recently of course we added fully automated Tennis trading, which is another giant leap forward.

Trading automatically can produce a profit independently of what you are doing, or can help supplement it.

How API NG created new opportunities

With the launch of API NG, Betfair opened up more opportunities for astute traders. Before NG you had to work within strict call limits to Betfair. Now you can run multiple copies of Bet Angel at the same time (often via a VPS) and this lends itself perfectly to automated strategies.

How I use automation

Over time I’ve been using fully or partially automated strategies more and more. It can take a lot of effort to create something special, but it’s often worth the effort. Today I’ll earn a good sum without even looking at some markets, that’s a great feeling! But the path to that end result starts in the same place. I follow a clearly defined path: –

  1. Come up with an idea
  2. Test it using automation
  3. Look a what happened
  4. Tweak it, try again.
  5. Repeat from step two

Doing this has not only produced some useful bits of automation, quite a few duff ones as well it should be noted; it has taught me even more about the market. In both cases!

You often sit there and say ‘I wonder what would happen if I tweak this’. You do it, expect one result and it produces completely another. So you inevitably ask why and that why can be an import lead in another direction. Some of my best ideas have come from stuff that would make any sense if you tried doing it manually.

Irrational bias

You also have the benefit of eliminating any manual trading bias. With Bet Angel put in or taking out orders, you simply can’t inject your opinion into a trade. It either works or it doesn’t.

Rational prompting

One area I use automation for a lot is to guide me in the market. It can trigger an entry or highlight using audio alerts what is going on. If you visit the office you may hear what sounds like an arcade machine pinging away in the background but it’s simply automation telling me whats going on in the market. It gives it a whole new feel. I’ll have to record a video of it in action.

So automating your activity often isn’t a case of just trying to make some money without lifting a finger, it could be a supplement to your manual trading, a way of getting in or out quickly or even a way to improve your understanding of the market.

Give it a try, it’s become an increasingly important part of my trading and a valuable edge in the market.

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