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It’s Wimbledon and just in time, we are delighted to release another new version of Bet Angel. This version builds on recent releases to expand the scope, scale and capacity of the Tennis live scores feature.

Key changes

Alongside some minor updates, the major component of this release is the ability to trade Tennis automatically from within Bet Angel’s Advanced automation tool. Let me explain and show you how!

01 - Trade the server big screen

Download the latest version (Version 1.41)

First you need to download the correct version of Bet Angel. If you have a current subscription or are on a trial then you will be able to benefit from and upgrade.

Download and install the latest version by following this link – The version you need to be running is 1.41 and when you try and log in with Bet Angel you will see the version number on the log in screen on the bottom right.

Where are the new features?

The new automation features are contained within Bet Angel’s Guardian tool. You start up this tool by clicking on the big ‘G’ on the main screen of Bet Angel Professional.

We have prepared a video showing you how to search for all current Tennis matches and how to display them quickly and easily using Guardian. View it by clicking on this text. By loading them into Guardian you can sort matches easily and add them to a watch list to see what the current scores are on a range of matches.

Understanding Automation

It’s worth getting to understand exactly how to use Automation before you attempt to automate your Tennis trading. You can do that at Bet Angel TV: –

Understanding Tennis Automation

There are three key components to the Tennis automation. They are contained in the conditions area of the automation. When constructing a a rule you need to decide which selection the rule will apply to, what type of trade you are going to do then you can select conditions.

Serving condition

The first condition you should select is whether the player you are constructing the rule for is serving or receiving: –

02 - Tennis Serving condition

Fixed score condition

There are two options when you decide how to open or close a trade using the automation. The first of these is the fixed score condition.

This condition will allow you to nominate a specific scoreline to trigger on. In this graphic below you can see we have asked the rule to trigger if the score if 15 – 0 in the current game, regardless of the score in sets or current games within the current set.

Using the ‘any’ scoreline will allow you to trigger on specific scores on games, sets or points regardless of other parameters. If you wish however, you can trigger on very specifics conditions such as one set to love down, two games to one down and 0-30 on serve. It’s very flexible.

03 - Fixed score Tennis condition - drop down - points

Relative score condition

The relative score condition allows you to trigger based on, as the name suggests, a relative score. For example a game up, a game down, a set up or down or a certain number of points up or down.

We allow you to do choose a specific number up, or you can selection 3 or more or similar conditions across set, games or points. It’s a very flexible way to construct a specific rule. Up or down a break in a certain set for example.

04 - Relative score condition - drop down


All the conditions can be used together as the conditions are joined with ‘and’ logic. So you can say, this score and this relative score and this serving conditions and, well, pretty much anything you like. So there is an almost infinite ranges of options available for you to trigger against.

I have prepared some videos giving you a simple rule.

Videos showing you how to use the Tennis automation (Click on the links)

  1. Quick selection and profiling of Tennis matches
  2. Introduction to Tennis trading automation
  3. Trade the server – Automatically
  4. Switch markets or sound an alert on a specific score line

So there should be plenty for you to be getting on with this week at Wimbledon!



Important notes

Constructing your automation

While automation is a great way to increase your potential in the market or to simplify what you are currently doing, make you sure triple check everything to eliminate any errors that may occur. It’s usually best to gradually build up a rule testing each element as you go along. Saving that as a specific piece of automation, then adding to it. The best bits of automation take time to construct.

Checking that a specific rule in Tennis works could take some time. There are a significant number of score lines available and if you have picked a rarer one to trigger on you may have to wait a little time for it to happen and that your automation works as expected. Of course you can use practice mode to fully test your strategy before putting it live.

Debugging your automation

Unfortunately our support can’t help you de-dug your rules, there are so many variations of them and the score that the time to test them all is so long it’s not a realistic expectation. This also means we haven’t tested every single possible combination of rules and scores, though we have done our best! If you spot something you think is unusual, then please let us know. But specifically, we can’t debug specific automation and you must accept to use it at your own risk. Have some oversight when you first leave a rule to trade a market on its own until you are confident you have trapped all scenarios.

Market Cycling

When you load a lot of markets in Guardian it cycles through them one by one. So if you have 60 markets loading in Guardian with a refresh cycle of 1 second it’s, obviously, going to take 60 seconds to cycle through all of them. Make sure you account for that in your rules and time window in which you expect the rule to trigger over. You can refresh each market up to five times a second.


The live score feed has been provided via Betfair and from a reliable source, but we can’t warrant that this will always be input at source correctly. From our current experience it is generally pretty reliable, but the odd error does occur thanks to human error. We have written logic in the software to spot this but you need to be aware that errors can occur and therefore you need have some sort of oversight when using the live score, or spend time building in error checking that can minimise the cost of any live score feed error.

Tie breaks

Tie breaks are not supported in this build.

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