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09/02/2012 | By More

Messed around in the Greyhound markets yesterday with a surprisingly good results. I don’t know whether it was the weather, other participants or what, but it seemed OK.

Because of the lack of scale I can’t really participate in the greyhound markets much, they are just too small for me. But I wanted to have a play to see what they were like in comparison to the last time I did it. Not much has changed.

Average turnover was between £15-20k a race, but there are up to 100 a day. So while the individual matched bet volume is small you would only need to get a small amount out of each race on average for the total to really begin to add up.

The same characteristics I noticed last time are still in the market, so I set up the automation to run alongside my efforts. It did surprisingly well and it dawned on me that I should probably set up an account to do this while I’m not using it for anything else. Pulling a quid or two out of a race can be very rewarding if it’s done automatically.

I suggest you have a look the Greyhounds during this rather barren spell for racing.

This dog bot costs, rather than makes money

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