Going grey

22/12/2010 | By More

With the weather hitting the horse racing, I’ve been playing around in Greyhound markets a lot more. Greyhound markets are a different beast from horse racing for sure, but they are viable as a market. I don’t think they are viable on the scale of other markets but they certainly can produce the goods. I can’t afford to spend too much time on these markets but I think they should be of interest to many others.

In this P&L you can see that I earned £42 in 36 markets. While this is only just over £1 a race on average you can get up to 100 races a day. Also, I did this in between my other activity. Start multiplying these numbers up by day, week and year and they look interesting. I’ll stick a video up for Bet Angel customers when I get the chance. Worth a play.

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