21 Shillings

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Or a Guinea, 2000 of them were up for grabs in 1809 when the 2000 Guinea’s was first run at Newmarket. The race should now be called the 380,000 Guinea’s, but that doesn’t have the same ring to it does it?

It will always have a special place in my heart as it was the first race I traded while lounging by a swimming pool! Early on in my trading career I was on my travels, but still wanted to make sure I was active on this high profile race so I set up a VPS and started using my laptop at every convenient location I could along the way. Using a VPS was an accident at first, but I quickly realised that it meant I could ‘carry’ around my trading set up with me where ever I went and have everything perfect and a high speed connection from any location with an Internet connection. It’s very liberating knowing that technology can allow you to trade from anywhere. I traded from roadside bars, hotel lounges, airport terminals and when a friend lent me his condo to trade from, I finally managed to trade next to a swimming pool! I now also use it to trade automatically for me using a spreadsheet when I am unable to trade. I can even use my iPhone to have a quick nose and see how its doing. Ain’t technology a wonderful thing!

Back then I managed to get about £100 out of the race, so I am hoping for a bit more today. But nothing is guaranteed, you never can really be 100% sure what each day will bring. Here’s hoping!

Hopefully we can all earn more than a Guinea today

Hopefully we can all earn more than a Guinea today

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