Start of season, end of season

24/04/2010 | By More

As you are probably aware from my posts, there is nothing more I like that a football match with a strong incentive behind it. At the start of a season, form is difficult to spot early on. Though promotion and relegation isnt’ so tricky. But it’s the end of the season when things really begin to happen. With many matches classed as ‘six pointers’ for one reason or another, this time of year has always been a fertile hunting ground. Wear your hunting hat now and you will benefit significantly.

In horse racing we are in the early flat turf season. This also presents opportunity, as there is often a lack of form. This lack of form means that people are looking for any clues as to how a horse will perform. If money is coming for or against a horse with little form, there is often a tendency to follow that money and re-inforce any trend. This tends to make the early turf season races, especially maidens, very ‘swingy’. Trends can be persistent and extensive at this time of year. The early part of yesterday was a spectacularly swingy day.

Keeping an eye open for either opportunities can be very rewarding.

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