Bet Angel In-play Race meter

Bet Angel Professional, version 1.58, now includes a fully customisable race meter.

This feature allows you to see the progress of a race allowing you to time your entry and exit if you are trading in-running.

Race progress meter

The aim of this feature is to give you a very accurate representation of how far a race has progressed.

The race progress meter can be configured to use your own standard times imported through automation within Guardian, the default settings based on a generic distance and racing code, or direct from the racecourse using TPD data. The final option will give you exact and highly accurate information on how far a horse has travelled and a very accurate measure of how much distance is left in each race.

The race meter will appear on your One-click screen, Ladder interface and, of course, the In-Play trader tool. The in-play trader tool includes additional visualisations to allow you to ‘watch’ the race and place a trade or bet simply by clicking in front or behind the horse as it “runs” to the finish line.

Race Meter settings

The race meter settings can be found under the ‘standard’ settings menu. This is separate from the ladder settings menu.

On the Race Meter settings, you will see options on when to display the meter. If you set this to show always, it will appear when the race starts. Other options include the ability to set a completion percentage, so that you know exactly how far a race has progressed.

You also have three options to determine where the race meter derives its standard times from. We would encourage you to create your own standard times as you can vary these by course and distance and also going. If you wish you can also amend these on the fly, via the one-click trading screen.

The screen preferences are specific to each trading screen where you wish the race meter to be displayed and options vary depending on each screen. But you can also modify the colours of the race meter to suit your own personal preferences.

Race meter
  1. Branko Pokrajac 3 years ago

    Dear Mr. Webb,first of all thank you for all your great work!
    I have just one question about TPD…by your experience,for how long is delayed this data from real time race?We all know that every second in this sport counts…thank you in advance and greetings from Croatia!

    • Peter Webb 3 years ago

      Hi Branko,

      They are fed from the racecourse at 200ms.

      • Branko Pokrajac 3 years ago

        Thank you!Just ordered my TPD and looking forward to see how it works in play today!

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