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Conjure up an image, it’s February 2005. If you knew Peter Webb back then, it was because I wrote for a number of magazines. But more ‘famously’ for Shares Magazine where I was a weekly columnist on all matters surrounding long term investing.

But here I was, in the heart of London’s financial district about to demonstrate the first version of some software that was a new concept for many in the room. Software that would allow you to trade the sports betting market the same way you trade the stock market. Not only was the concept something new, but we had also achieved it even without an API being available, it really was on the edge of what was possible.

A lot has changed since then, but one thing that hasn’t changed is the vision of Bet Angel pushing the limits of what is possible with trading software. From that early start, much has changed.

Let us appraise where are now! In short, things have changed a lot, but there is still a Bet Angel for everybody and every budget.

Bet Angel for free

One thing we realised was if we were going to pursue a goal of constant development, some people may not want all the features of a more advanced piece of software.

So when the first version of Bet Angel was released, we also released some Betfair trading software for free, Bet Angel Basic. As the name suggests it was just a basic bit of software. One-click betting software that more or less replicated other basic bits of software that were available at the time.

But let us not forget, if you want some fully-featured trading software, that is available also. When Betfair announced the introduction of the premium charge in 2008 we added another version of Bet Angel for free. Bet Angel for Betdaq was born, or BetDaq Angel as it’s sometimes called.

Unlike the Betfair free version, the Betdaq version included advanced charting, excel integration and a range of features that made it very similar to the Betfair version. It received another timely upgrade in 2011!

Download a copy here

So there are your options if you want to get Bet Angel for free.

Bet Angel trader – Essential tools at a very low cost

Bet Angel Professional evolved from a simple bet placement mechanism for betting exchanges, into something much more complex. Therefore there was always a gap that was likely to grow between the first time Betfair trading user and somebody doing things on a professional basis.

It was for this reason that we slotted in Bet Angel Trader edition into the product mix. It provides all the essential tools you are familiar with, but without some of the more complex functions of Bet Angel Professional. It’s perfect if you are starting out or just need standard Betfair trading software.

It contains a one-click trading screen, a ladder interface, dutching, bookmaking, advanced charting and much more. Whatever manual Betfair trading strategies you prefer, you can do all the essential things with Bet Angel trader. All features can be used in practice mode, so it’s a great way to get started.

You can compare key differences between versions here.

Bet Angel trader is available for just £6 a month or £60 a year.

Bet Angel Professional – The ultimate Betfair toolkit

Let me ask you a question simple. How would you like a trading partner, someone that will work with you to find the markets you need, gather data for you, and use models to tell you how a market will be priced.

Your partner can even act on them for you, 24 hours a day 7 days a week. Dutifully scanning hundreds of markets looking for opportunities and alerting you to them. When you go to trade your partner will aid you by careful executing a trade you have initiated, to perfection. Your partner will also look over your shoulder to alert and guide you when you trade and stop you from making mistakes.

If that sounds appealing, then Bet Angel Professional is the tool for you!

The first version of Bet Angel was primarily a one-click trading screen with innovative options for charting, fill or kill orders, offsets and a stop loss. Things that had never been seen before. We also threw in a link to Excel shortly afterwards for good measure. From there Bet Angel has grown jointly through things that we knew were possible and through customer feedback and requests.

Check out our release schedule if you want to see how Bet Angel has grown over time and how often we have added new tools and enhancements.

Bet Angel Professional now includes a whole raft of unique features. Each trading interface is highly customisable to ensure you can tweak it to your heart’s content and to ensure that your trading experience is unique to you. You can trade manually, semi-automatically and fully automatically.

Fully automated trading is on a par with custom developing your own software to plug into Betfair’s API, but we have done all the hard work for you. Betfair API Automation is achieved through familiar logical functions and processes but simplified with a drop-down menu selection process. We also supply HUNDREDS of pre-made automation templates.

It also contains specialist profiling tools and features for Horse racing, pre-off and in-play and then there is Tennis Trader and Soccer Mystic to name a few. There are so many features in Bet Angel Professional that it’s difficult to list them all, but we have listed the key ones here.

Bet Angel Professional is more multifaceted than standard Betfair software, that’s deliberate. If you want to trade seriously, then all the tools in Bet Angel are specially designed to make your trading much more effective to give you an edge over traders with who you may be competing.

The continuous development schedule and higher-level support mean it costs a little more than the Trader edition. But Bet Angel Professional can be bought by the day for just 99p. This means you can save money by using it only when you need it. To reflect the higher onboarding values, the longer the subscription period you buy, the cheaper it gets.

The best way to view the cost of Bet Angel is to quantify it in terms of how much it would cost to bring together all the features and opportunities it presents. Just using it to find one decent trade will mean it pays for itself. All the features are all there for a reason and even if you only used the filters, alerts and partial or full automation. It will pay for itself in no time at all, especially if you value your time!

A full list of purchase options is available here.

Try both versions of Bet Angel

If you are unsure which version of Bet Angel you want to try, then simply try them both! Both are available on a 14-day trial and therefore you can use Bet Angel for 28 days for free!

To trial either or both versions of Bet Angel, visit this page and download a copy. Free trials are granted automatically and no payment details are required.

Bet Angel

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