Top five Betfair Tennis Trading Tips

Betfair Tennis trading markets

Tennis matches are one of the most popular betfair trading markets around. Unlike when you are trading horse racing, most of the money on Tennis markets are matched in-play and thanks to the unsual scoring system you see on Tennis, you get a LOT of price movement. This makes Tennis perfect for swing trading.

Unlike a lot of horse racing, this Betfair exchange market isn’t something that is determined by emotion or short term sentiment. Stock market style technical analysis won’t get you far in this trading market, it’s all about understanding the sport it’s characteristics and key entry and exit points. Buy and sell these key entry points and you will get a decent trade.

Bet Angel professional is trading software that goes well beyond one click betting and includes some specialist Tennis trading tools amongts its key features. Whether you are looking at who will win the next service game, who will win the set or simply adding a load of markets into the watch list. Bet Angel can help you trade Tennis live or in practice mode.

Here are my 5 top tennis trading strategies for sports traders on tennis markets using Betfair. These tips can be used in a tour event right up to a Grand Slam!

Top five Betfair Tennis trading tips


Always trade the shorter priced player on a betting exchange, that’s where most of the liquidity will be and their price is simply an inverse of the other players’ price. So, if you trade to the shorter price player that’s where you’re going to get in and out of your position very easily. It will be easier to have a clearly defined stop loss here as the liqudity is much higher.


Lower ranked players tend to play more aggressively in the first set, that’s their best hope of winning the match. Sometimes, they will win the first set despite not playing that much better than their opponent. So, trading that will allow you to get a profitable trade through, as the more experienced player eventually comes back into the match. Lower ranked players tend to appear at the start of Tennis tournaments and, because Tennis tournaments are seeded, don’t tend to make it to the semi-finals or beyond.


Typically, you’re looking for a break of serve in tennis. So, pick your moment to be when you would like to get that break of serve, look at the match from the perspective of when is it best to break serve, when are they going to try those little shots, to try and break down their opponent? Say they’ve just served to go 5-4 up and then their opponent is looking to serve to stay in the set. That’s when they’re likely to go for those odd little shots that may get them that most important break of serve.


The strange thing about tennis is the unusual scoring system which leads for the match to flip and flop very quickly. A player that looks very dominant can suddenly be trying to stay into the match within a few shots or a few games. So curiously, the best point of entry in a tennis match is very often the moment when it looks least sensible to do that.

Say a player is a set and a break up and it can take a very tiny amount (maybe an unforced error or a couple of bad shots or a double fault) for the match to swing right back round the other way. Then, of course the odds will move dramatically. One of the things I’ve learnt about tennis is very often the best point of entry is the point of which it seems the most illogical time at which to do it, but bear that in mind sometimes the best entry point when you’re trading tennis is the point when it feels least comfortable psychologicallly.


Of course it has to be: use Tennis Trader and all the tools within Bet Angel. The software has been well and carefully developed which has taken many years, and we are constantly updating it for our customers.  The tools can get the live scores and the forecasting model within Tennis Trader is some of the most complicated work that we’ve ever done and we didn’t do it for fun, we did it so that you could use it and get the full benefit of those tools.

So, make sure that you use Tennis Trader and all of this tennis trading specific features within Bet Angel some of the best work we’ve ever done and they’re there for a reason so make sure that you use them.

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