Professional Betfair trader – Meet and greet

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Date : Monday 14th October

Time : 10:00 to 13:00

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Event overview

This is a unique chance to come and meet an elite professional Betfair trader – Peter Webb.

The session an open session where you are free to ask whatever questions you wish. The event is designed to give you insight into what goes on behind the desk you often see on YouTube and an opportunity to give his candid thoughts on any subjects you choose to raise. In order to ensure everybody get’s a chance at asking a questsion we will ask you to submit one before the event. But once they have been answered, you can ask what you wish.

There will only be six places available for this event, so book quickly if you are interested. There will be a small charge, which we will happily explain on the day.

There is plenty of parking at our office and we are near a train station. Though we recommend a short taxi ride to the offices rather than walking. Full details will be sent to you when you book. Light refreshments will be available at the event. The general locations are avaiable on our website,

Bet Angel head office

About your host

The epitome of professional Betfair trading, Peter has analysed over 1,000,000 markets in his efforts to fully understand and learn what the optimal strategies and characteristics of each market are. Not only that, but as a full-time pro trader, has actively traded nearly 250,000 markets. Therefore he has done the most important thing with any trading strategy. Put it to profitable use in the markets!

Peter has analysed and can trade a wide variety of sports. But his specialist area is pre-race horse races, where his trading ability is peerless. He is the only high profile trader that has traded live for Betfair and also had his trading accounts proofed on a number of occasions.

Betfair trading Gold Cup at Cheltenham 2019
Gold Cup Day at Cheltenham 2019

Pioneer of Betfair trading

Not only is Peter a professional trader, he was also a pioneer of sports trading. He was one of the firstever customers to join Betfair way back in June 2000. Peter has now spent the majority of his working life researching, analysing and trading on Betfair and other betting exchanges such as the Betdaq exchange.

Peter joined Betfair on 18th June 2000

Peter also created the first Betfair trading software that contained features that serious traders required, Bet Angel. Bet Angel is unique in the Betfair trading software universe as it was created for Betfair trading, rather than because of it. This was done in an era where sports betting and the ability to lose money betting was normal, but the concept of sports trading and its huge potential was completely unknown.

He envisioned a day when sports markets would be traded in the same manner that retail traders would be day trading financial markets. A vision that has delivered a whole range of opportunities in sports markets that had never been seen before. This is a vision that continues, through continuous innovation, to push the very limits of what is possible on the Betfair betting exchange.

Bet Angel Professional has many key features that reflect Peter’s vision and it is the Betfair trading software that all others are measured against.

A pioneer of sports trading and one of the first ever customers to join Betfair way back in June 2000. Peter has now spent the majority of his working life researching, analysing and trading on Betfair and other betting exchanges such as the Betdaq exchange.

  1. Ajit Pahuja 5 years ago


    Hope you are well. I can see I’ve been placed on the waiting list for this meet and greet event on 15-Jul-2019. I’ve been trying to find out your horse trading masterclass for a while now but not been able to get this. I would bee keen to enrol for that and what all it contains.

    Can you send me an alert when you do it again.




    • Peter Webb 5 years ago

      If you have added yourself to the list, you will get an alert as soon as the new dates becoming available. Thanks for your interest.

  2. David Griffiths 5 years ago

    Thanks again for a great session, (15th July) I really enjoyed it and would wholeheartedly recommend it to any Betfair Trader regardless of experience level.

    Totally relaxed day and highly informative.


    • Peter Webb 5 years ago

      Thanks for coming to visit, your feedback and blog post on your visit. I’m glad you enjoyed your visit.

  3. Derek 5 years ago

    Hi Peter
    Do you think you will ever come to Australia?

    • Peter Webb 5 years ago

      I probably will at some point. I actively trade the Australian markets so I’m overdue a visit. I’m keen to visit all these racecourses I’ve been trading! A few other places also.

  4. Ronan McDonagh 5 years ago

    Add me to waiting list pls

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