Tennis trading tips – French Open

At last the French Open is underway, this is the only one of the four Grand Slams to be held on a clay surface and is my personal favourite.

Why is it my favourite?

Clay is the slowest surface professional tennis is played on which makes the returning of serves much easier and that leads to more break of serves and therefore more volatility and swings in.

The weaker serve in the women’s matches increases this volatility and number of opportunities furthermore and is why most of my tennis trading is focused on women’s matches.

As in all Grand Slam early rounds there will be a lot of matches with strong favourites, but these shouldn’t be ignored especially on clay, there is often value in laying these strong favourites as they carry little risk and usually no more than a few ticks loss if they take the first set, however even a stumble can cause a dramatic drift which can be very profitable.

The opening women’s match on both the first and second day both produced similar moves, the one on the left was the fav when 1-5 down, that was also her peak as she won the next 6 games to steal the set and the 2nd with ease, the one on the right is from day 2, the fav lost the set so had drifted that little further but highlight just how far a short priced fav can drift.

and there has been a lot more than just these, including two shock exits on day 1 as V.Williams and the defending champion J.Ostapenko were both beaten. Ostapenko made history last year by becoming the first unseeded player to win the title – this year she became only the 2nd defending champion to be knocked out in round 1 of the French Open and I expect lots more twists and turns to come in the next fortnight producing no end of opportunities and trading fodder.

Ways to Trade Tennis Markets

Keeping track of all the early round matches is next to impossible unless you use automation. If you wish to fully automate some or all of your tennis trading, there are plenty of ready-made examples to download from the forum including some well-known strategies like laying the 1set set winner or laying the fav after they have been broken

Or if you prefer to trade manually I’d recommend still using automation just to monitor and ‘Alert’ you to opportunities or even switch to and open the market for you ie, if there is a break of serve or the fav loses the first set. There is a ready-made example of an alert which can be downloaded from the following thread

When trading manually don’t forget using the unique Tennis Trader tool within Bet Angel is a must, this will help pin point where and when your entry and exit should be as well as identify what your risk Vs reward would be before even opening a position by showing where the odds will be trading around as each point is won or lost.

Finally as with all major sporting events the Bet Angel forum has a dedicated thread with plenty of chat between users on each days matches, as usual I will be posting daily updates and charts etc.

Good luck

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