Bet Angel Ladder Screen – Designed by you!

Betfair trading ladder interface

If you look at most Betfair trading software you will almost certainly have seen a Betfair ladder. It’s often the preferred trading interface if you are full time Betfair trading and you see it in a lot of videos. Being able to see price movements on the ladder feels intuitive. Unlike the one click betting grid interface, the odds on the ladder move up and down with the market real time. You can also see the amount of money available in various forms.

The ladder on Bet Angel

If you are a Bet Angel user, you have many trading tools available to you and the ability to customise all screens and the ability to automate your betting strategy means that the ladder is probably just one part of your trading arsenal. If you are using Bet Angel as a betting assistant, then you may not even go near it!

If there’s one thing Bet Angel understands, being made up of actual traders, is that everyone trades the markets differently. Nobody should be looking at exactly the same thing and getting your own view on the markets, is an important part of getting a long term trading edge. All betting exchange markets are different and no one fits all solution is likely to do the trick.

Customising your ladder screen

It should be no surprise that Bet Angel’s ladder screen is therefore fully customizable and using the ladder settings editor each user can set it up and configure in a way that suits them and their style of market trading, whether you are trading horse racing, Football, Tennis or are an avid Cricket trader.

Depending on which betting markets you are trading, you may like lots of charts including advanced charts. Others may want multiple ladders, some may want to see racing info like, jockey/trainer names and form, EPIQ (estimated position in queue) is a firm favourite for some traders, or there may be any number of other pieces of information you may want like hi/low traded prices etc – if you can think of it Bet Angel’s ladders can properly offer and display it.

Ladder Examples

Have a look at some of the examples below, perhaps you want to display the LTP or VWAP on your ladder screen, using a simple rules file in the background you can store and display dozens of values – whatever suits your requirements.

Or maybe you’d like to see some racing info, like the jockey and/or trainer names, recent form or stall draws etc, all this is possible.

For Tennis and Football traders you could display live scores above the ladder of each player/team

The possibilities are endless, even if you’ve previously used other software in the past and become a customized to a fixed type of ladder screen, with Bet Angel you have the options and settings available to replicate any of these.

Import, export and share your favourite ladder set-ups

The Bet Angel forum now has a section where users can share their ladder settings for others to download, I’ve already added a few including all the ones you see above so feel free to give them a whirl from here.

And remember, you can customize them anyway you want. So you could mix and match what you see above or take an idea from one and add it to another. The ladder screen is yours – so you have control of how it looks and what it does.

For more infomation on using the Bet Angel Ladder Settings Editor and all the options available to you for configuring your own ladders please see this section of our user guide

Free ladder trading software

As a note, if you are looking for Betfair software free with a ladder. We do have Bet Angel for Betdaq which has a free ladder interface, so you can play with similar features there if you have never used a ladder before. Though please be aware, the features we have mentioned here may not be available on the Betdaq version.

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