Trading tips for the F1 – British Grand Prix

British Grand Prix stats

The British GP is curious in that, for a non-street circuit, the average outcome is quite variable from Grid to Finish. It’s the least certain race outside the street circuits. 71% of poles end up on the podium and it’s 50/50 whether second or third on the grid will end up there also.

On the retirement front, the British GP is below average. But because it’s a high-speed circuit, it can be pretty demanding on the cars, so if there is a retirement, it’s likely to be mechanical.

If Rain or showers are forecast things can get really mixed up on a high-speed circuit as the propensity to spin the cars is high. But warm weather will mean sticky tyres and high-speed racing suiting cars with good straight-line speed.

Silverstone is the third-fastest circuit behind Monza and Spa. Cars that perform well here will probably replicate that form at the other circuits.

British Grand Prix memories

One of my favoured memories from going to Silverstone was watching the Wimbledon final on the track a few years ago, he lost to Federer. When Murray first won Wimbledon I was at the beach in the morning as it was a scorching day and I headed back home to watch the final. Happy memories of both and a view of how variable the weather can be in the UK!

Let’s hope it’s entertaining and profitable across all sports this Sunday!


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