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We are pleased to announce that a new version of Bet Angel is now available.

The upgrade is free for all trial and existing users. There is no need to re-register. To upgrade simply download the latest version, install and log in!

Download it from here: –

Key new feature – Exchange price streaming

This version adds support for Betfair’s Exchange Streaming for prices and bet updates. The feature is switched off by default but is activated by ticking the ‘Use Exchange Streaming’ box on the Communications page of the Bet Angel Settings window, click on the spanner on your main screen. To locate this feature check the user guide.

When Exchange Streaming is switched on, market price changes are pushed directly from Betfair to your PC, so you’ll be able to receive more updates per second than using the traditional ‘polling’ method of API usage that most apps use. You’ll find that new refresh rates are available in Guardian and on the main screen when streaming; going as fast as 20ms, which is ten times faster than previous versions. These refresh rates control how fast you want the user interface to refresh with the latest prices received from Betfair.

At 20ms the ladder gets a bit manic, so you may wish to run the main screen a bit slower, but keep Guardian running at full pace. We see the biggest advantage of streaming is when using Automation in Guardian, you’ll be able to run rules against dozens of markets every second! Tick chart updates are capped at a maximum speed of every 100ms as they lose value and become too noisy when running any quicker.

Switching between streaming and polling

When streaming, your Profit and Loss values are calculated locally in Bet Angel based on the latest matched bet information received. If you are unsure about the current values at any time, you could either temporarily switch off streaming (to refresh using the normal API for a while) or refer to the same market on the Betfair website for confirmation.

Note: There is no harm in switching streaming on and off during a trading session if required, Bet Angel has been built to handle it and it will not cause a loss of information.



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