British Grand Prix

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After a really  successful week, I’m ducking out of trading seriously today to watch some sport and do a few other things. I can’t rule out doing something at some point, the temptation can be great, but I’ll endeavour not to do much. I may trade the Euro 2016 final pre-off.

British Grand Prix stats

The British GP is curious in that, for a non-street circuit, the average outcome is quite variable from Grid to Finish. It’s the least certain race outside the street circuits. 71% of poles end up on the podium and it’s 50/50 whether second or third on the grid will end up on the there also. On the retirement front, the British GP is below average. But because it’s a high-speed circuit, it can be pretty demanding on the cars and that means if there is a retirement, it’s likely to be mechanical.

The possibility of some showers today could mix things up a bit and that can often create some opportunities. Sort of hoping they don’t reach Wimbledon. One of my favoured memories from going to Silverstone was watching the Wimbledon final on the track a couple of years ago. When Murray last won Wimbledon I was at the beach in the morning and it was a scorching day and I headed back home to watch the final. Good memories.

Let’s hope it’s entertaining and profitable across all sports.


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