Finding an Edge in Football Markets using Soccer Mystic

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How can you to find an edge and profit from Soccer markets? The answer is as the title suggests with the use of Soccer Mystic, a profiling tool which is included as part of Bet Angel Professional.

If you have never used or even heard of Soccer Mystic then now is the time to give it a try.

What is Soccer Mystic and what exactly does it do??

Soccer Mystic is a module included with Bet Angel Professional that profiles soccer matches, it is modelled on historical data to give you a prediction as to how  the odds are expected to move in the Correct Score, Over/Under and Match Odds markets throughout the game including when or if any goals are scored. This will give you that all important edge when trading on any of the soccer markets it is able to profile – which include all the Euro 2016 games.

It takes out the guess work you may have found yourself doing about which way the odds would move and by how far in a given situation which will give you more confidence in your trading decisions instead of umming and ahhing about whether to open a position or deciding how much longer it’s worth remaining in a trade.

It has several features to assist you when trading these market types which will help you pin point the best times to get into and out of a market for the most value, some of the key features include the ability to simulate what will happen with the Match and Over / Under odds as the game progresses and if any goals are scored, this is displayed to you on a easy to read probability forecast chart.

Over Under 2.5 Forecast

Another part is the ‘Odds Scenario’ if you have a trade already open or are thinking of opening one you can use the odds scenario to see what the odds and your predicted profit or loss with or without greening would be ‘WHEN’ and ‘IF’ a team scores within a time period, this can be essential if you are trying to managing multiple trades in different markets.

Match Odds Scenario

With the Euro 2016 just underway now is an ideal time to give this a go and once you have begun using Soccer Mystic and understand what it can do for you the only thing you’ll still be left wondering is how you ever managed without it!

For a quick video tutorial demonstrating the capabilities of Soccer Mystic further click here

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