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Here we go, summer starts right here!

I must admit to being a bit tired already, which isn’t great planning. But from this point on we have a really busy schedule ahead of us starting tonight. It’s the same every other year. Major footy championship, Ascot, Wimbledon, Cricket and half a dozen other sporting events combine to produce a smorgasbord of opportunity.

Over the next few weeks, you can trade very high quality and high liquidity markets in quick succession in a number of sports. So it’s a great time to experiment, start, push, whatever you want to do.

There is so much to learn and act on in this period, it’s a worth spending some time and energy exploring everything.

How Bet Angel can help

All the functions in Bet Angel were designed with a purpose. As we and our customers have explored the markets we have come up with ever more innovative ways to participate in them and you should explore them during this period,


Guardian is a key tool when it’s really busy. You can load up all the interesting markets into Guardian and use the watch lists, Excel or advanced automation to tell you what’s going on or trade on your behalf.

Guardian is pretty much a piece of software in it’s own right, learn more about it in the user guide.

Multiple computers

You can also run Bet Angel on multiple computers you are not limited to just one. Once you have registered download and install it on as many computers as you like and that can be a useful aid too.

All hands to the pump

I’ve currently got two copies running two strategies on six football markets and additional versions running three strategies on the racing on two different accounts. You can see how it’s easy to reach much larger matched bet totals, but also why I need so many screens!

I guess today will be my highest turnover day of the year so far, but only till I really get going next week!

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