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When I first started sports trading I treated it like a 9-5 job.

I did all the usual things you would in a normal job and returned to my out of work activities after the day was over. Fairly quickly I realised that this wasn’t going to work. All the best opportunities tend to occur outside of ‘normal’ hours and therefore I had to shift my working patterns.

Shifting my workload

At first this was a little tricky, I started doing the odd ‘out of hours’ trading to gradually integrate the shift into my home life. But eventually, it was a permanent fixture and that’s the way it has remained since. This didn’t go down particularly well at home, but soon they realised how important it was and what a significant financial impact it had.

Before long I realised that focusing my trading around key sports events was key. I could earn a lot of money in a short time frame easily and when it was quieter I didn’t need to worry about trading or profit targets so much.

The psychological side effect

But I also realised how critical it was to be around for the opportunities. Missing a key trading period, for any reason, would put a nasty dent in my totals. But it also added to pressure on quieter days. It turns out missing key periods made me a worse trader during other times! So being around at important times is like a footballer turning up on a Saturday for a top of the table clash. It’s pretty important.

This is why I run training courses on a Monday, it has less impact and it’s also uneconomic on a Saturday. If you look at my twitter feed today you will see I was chatting to other traders at 04:30am and will continue to hack away until the last ball is kicked this evening. There is so much going on today, it’s not to be missed.

OK it’s a long day, but if you saw what you can do, you would too! After All, that is why I did this in the first place. To earn enough to make my own destiny and not be beholden to somebody else. Long may that continue!

For more information, have a look at this video from last Summer where I discuss the life of a sports trader and the sports cycle: –

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