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We are pleased to release version 1.38 of Bet Angel Professional for Betfair. It contains a significant enhancement to Advanced Automation and also fulfills a couple of common customer requests.

You can download the latest version from  –

Betfair’s new API

Since our successful transition to the new Betfair API in November we have been keen to start adding new features. The new Betfair API allows you to make more calls to the API. The previous API capped data requests at 20 per second. So it’s now possible to run additional copies of Bet Angel . This means you can run multiple strategies on multiple markets at the same time or use the automation to do it for you. Or why not use features like the watch list, automation or the Excel link to run new strategies in complimentary markets.

Advanced automation, Excel and all the other features in Bet Angel can be run in conjunction with your existing activity, so even if you don’t want to pursue complimentary markets why not use these features to enhance you existing trading?

List of key changes

List of changes :-

  •  Most Recent Markets list under File menu expanded to 9 markets with Ctrl+1 to Ctrl+9 shortcuts.
  •  A ‘Retain matched bet information at market settlement’ switch has been added to Settings window (on Automation page). This retains P&L & matched bets information beyond market settlement which has been a common request from customers since the new API changes. Note: This is defaulted off to save memory for customers that don’t require the retention of the data.

Advanced Automation

New rules:

  •  Close Trade on Selection With Greening
  •  ‘Switch to this market’ – Switch Bet Angel’s main window to this market. Used in conjuction with Automation conditions, you can have Automation hunt through dozens of markets for the first one that meets your requirements and display it automatically.

New parameters:

  • Allow a bet to be placed x ticks above or below Actual SP

Updated conditions:

  • Fixed Odds condition: added Actual SP & Projected SP
  • Relative Odds condition: added Actual SP & Projected SP
  • Close Trade Profit condition: added ability to test the closing profit value ‘with greening’

New conditions:

  • Historic Fixed Odds condition. Compare the price now or x seconds ago against a fixed price
  • Historic Relative Odds condition. Compare the price now or x seconds ago of one selection against the price now or x seconds ago of another selection
  • Number of Place Bet Triggers condition. Keeps track of how many ‘back/back all/lay/lay all’ rules have triggered on the selection or market. This is very useful when creating multi-rule automation where you want to limit the total number of betting rules that are allowed to trigger. e.g. Lay up to three runners in an in-play market that meet your criteria.
  • Number of Matched Bets condition. Test the number of matched bets on the selection.
  • Matched Bets Amounts condition. Compare the total amount of your back/lay bets matched on the selection against a fixed amount or against it’s own back/lay amounts with a value adjustment. e.g. You could limit a Place Back Bet rule so that it is only allowed to continue betting while the amount of back bets matched on the selection is no more than £10 more than the amount of lay bets matched on the selection.

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