Bleak Mid winter?

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So here we are in the bleak mid-winter, but you perhaps may not know it but for one sport it always feels that way.

For racing, this is a time of year when things are a little quiet. It gets worse next month traditionally, but so far we haven’t lost that many meetings to the weather. So its an opportunity to analyse, prepare and research. Cheltenham is just around the corner so that’s always at the front of my mind.

It’s not that the opportunity isn’t there at this time of year, just that it’s diminished. If you look at my performance yesterday (see below) the average per race was OK but there were not as many races available to trade at reasonable risk. In the summer you have six meetings a day from 2-9pm each with six or seven races in them. The difference is stark.

But to permeate the fog, mist and ice we do have the Australian open Tennis which is great if you can stay up late or get up early. But there have been some useful late night action in Melbourne which can be useful for late risers.

For the first time this year my attention has been drawn to the Big Bash in Australia. Some of the volumes have been massive and it’s certainly caught my attention. One of the reasons I haven’t done cricket is the difficulty in modelling it. Limited over cricket is easier, but I’d like to have an idea of firm idea of where prices are heading. Even without that there are obvious opportunities, so I’ve been playing around properly here and it’s got my interest. I’m pondering following the cricket next January!

So use your time wisely at this time of year. Early starts if you want to do some Aussie stuff, but the rest of the day shouldn’t have high expectations. Don’t fret when you don’t reach them!

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