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I’m back onto Betfair markets properly today. I’m currently taking the opportunity to enjoy the late summer sun. I had my first round of golf for a few years this morning! Having worked hard during the busier periods of the year, I can skip the quieter days at the moment without remotely denting my yearly performance much. Though I did take a look at the champions league last night.

I also nipped in on Sunday to have a pop at the Curragh. This is one of the things I really enjoy about trading. The Curragh card caught my eye and I knew I would almost certainly get something out of it. So it was an easy decision to break every half an hour on Sunday from the garden or the kids, or numerous other things, to zip in a trade for five minutes. It was money for old rope as they say!

 It feels quite natural for me to do this, but when talking to delegates on my course on Monday it reminded me just how odd this much look from the other side. I guess I’m still driven to do what I can when the opportunity presents. I think this is a result of the desire I had when I was young to just make a better life for myself. I looked around me and thought nope, I’m not going to have this and plotted an escape. That drive is still there.

A practical trading perspective

But putting that aside, from a practical trading perspective what was so attractive about the Curragh on Sunday? Two words, prize money.

I looked at the card on Sunday and it was pretty uninspiring, dreadful actually. The name Ffos Las strikes fear into my heart and seeing the less than buxom £27k in prize money on offer I knew I wasn’t really going to find anything there. Why? Less prize money attracts lower quality horses and often fewer of them. Less horse, less quality means people are reluctant to bet on them. Trading liquidity is a subset of betting activity, generally, and less liquidity will produce poorer trading results. Things are a little more complicated than that, but that’s the core proposition.

So that is why the Curragh caught my eye on Sunday. Against Ffos Las at £27k, The Curragh had prize money of £821k, just a little different!

If you want to eye up the card, then all major racing sites list the races and the prize money on offer. So always check that out when you are thinking of trading the racing.

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