What you can do with a £10 stake?

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I’ve done this experiment a few times on the blog where I use a £10 stake and do something with it. Last week, with Cheltenham looming upon us, it’s well know that the Cheltenham markets will be well and truly stuffed up with money. That can be tough and it’s likely you will need more money to make some this week. So I thought it would be a nice reflection to trade with small amounts again as a demonstration and describe the difference between using small and large stakes.

The most recent time I did this I did some scalping. I’ve done other stuff in the past, I can’t immediately find them in the blog, but there are more than a few examples. I deliberately didn’t do scalping on this occasion on the racing, to contrast that for you as well. I also did some soccer before the off using £10 as well. So you can see in these P&L’s both were done before the off ensuring I took the least risk on my stake. Small P&L in the scheme of things, but this shows you what can be done, even with tiny amounts.

But it also shows you don’t need big stakes to achieve something useful. In fact big stakes can be a real hindrance. See my video blog for some extra detail.

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