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Over the many years I’ve been trading, I generally never pass up a clear opportunity to do a decent trade or trading session. This has led me to trade from all manner of places.

Just before I left my final job in the corporate world many years ago I’d often trade in the toilet. Bit odd you may think, but as I got more and more into trading I started to take bigger and bigger positions and they need careful managing. This became a bit awkward and not particularly auspicious in a formal work environment, so the toilet seemed a suitable alternative when unable to act normally. I was just very conscious that people had started to think I had a gambling problem. Shortly afterwards I went full time.

But I’ve also traded from Hospitals, cars, boats, planes, other peoples houses, beaches, swimming pools, hotels; I could go on for quite a while. This week I added a cable car to the list.

I was in London this week and the Emirates Cable Car was free of charge because of the tube strike (Thanks Bob), so I thought I’d use it. Due to a bad bit of timing I realised half way over that I’d forgotten to exit a position. So I quickly whipped out my iPad, fired up my VPS, nipped into the market and exited my position. Just short of £50 which was nice and a new first for me. Had to take a photo to add it to my collection.

I think one of the funniest photos I took was from a hotel room. They have given a tiny desk to operate from so I had to improvise. I nipped out into town and picked up some pringles…… The reason? It meant I could rest my spare monitor on the empty Pringles can’s and have two screens, one above the other. The width of the desk just wasn’t able to do this. It worked quite well until the following morning when the maid binned them and I had to buy some more Pringles!

I guess when I am more organised I’ll have to get some of my favourite photos together and post them. You will laugh at some and wonder were some of them were taken. It’s been an interesting journey so far.


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I left a good job in the consumer technology industry to go a trade on Betfair for a living way back in June 2000. I've been here ever since pushing very boundaries of what's possible on betting exchanges and loved every minute of it.

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