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In a positive move for exchange liquidity Betfair have finally linked up the Sportsbook front end to the exchange mechanism.

In only appears to be on Football markets at the moment but no doubt more markets will follow. As it now stands anybody placing a bet on the Sportsbook will automatically see their bet ‘referred’ to the exchange. If the exchange price (less 5% commission) is better than the sports book price, then the bet is placed via the exchange mechanism.

The exact mechanism is via what Betfair have termed a ‘Betfair boost’. When people try to place the bet on the Sports book it will inform them that they have a better price. If they want to find out more a link leads to detail of how they managed to pick up better odds thanks to the exchange.

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This neat for a few reasons, but the key factor for Bet Angel users now is that the liquidity that could have been lost via the Sportsbook is now finding it’s way back onto the exchange. From Betfair’s perspective customers who were confused by the exchange can now place a fairly standard user friendly back bet into a Sportsbook but benefit from the better liquidity and pricing on the exchange. It’s a win, win!

It will be interesting to watch what impact this has on the exchange markets.

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