History made at the French Open

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The French Open is at the quarter final stage now and it’s generally been good stuff so far. Not as many major shocks as you could have wished for, but plenty of competitive swingy games. It’s generally been good trading fodder and the average range of volatility this year has been above normal. So I would imagine a lot of people have managed to pick up some decent results.

Because it’s been above average don’t get suckered into believing you have it sussed. All sports and strategies have favourable and unfavourable periods and it’s easily to get suckered into believing you are performed above or below expectations, when in reality that’s just the way the market works. I have mentioned this before in the blog somewhere, I can’t find it right now. But extended time on the markets, trading many markets, is the only way to know if you are performing above expectations or if it is a fluke.

The most significant thing that has happened so far at Roland Garros is the remarkable story of Tommy Robredo. He became the first player since 1927 to come back from two sets down in three consecutive grand slam matches. I’ve included a visualisation of the Robredo vs Almagro match. I reckon this run is around a million to one shot, at least. He has to face compatriot David Ferrer in his next match, but Ferrer starts at 1.07 and a fourth match like the first three would be completely incredible.

Stranger things have happened though! Looking forward to the quarter finals.

 Robredo vs Almagro - Visualisation

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