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That’s me, not the weather. Though it is a sunny day outside, so I would imagine that will give a range of sports a decent chance of going ahead this weekend.

Now we are in the, alleged, spring of the northern hemisphere I’ve started looking at events that I will trade in the coming months. This involves brushing up my research data on them to make sure I am prepared. When the evening racing starts I’ll be trading all the time and have little time for much else. Two events just around the corner are the French Open Tennis and the US Masters. You may be surprised to know that the first ever bet I placed on a betting exchange was actually on Golf. Just one of those oddities.

From a top level, Racing has always been top of the trading list simply because of the frequency of events. Typically three meetings at day and in the summer three at night as well. With six or so races in a card that’s big numbers. Today there are 44 races on the card. To me that’s 44 opportunities, all occurring one after another! When I’m not trading racing then I will trade other sports as well. Any market with decent liquidity is an opportunity for me. Depending on the intensity of the sport I may trade more than one at the same time.

I’ll often trade lower profile events if the opportunity is adequate, but I don’t tend to talk about them on the blog. For example, this week I am trading the Miami masters Tennis and the Houston Open golf. These sorts of events are often off the radar of general interest, but they act as useful proving ground for strategies I will deploy on bigger events. The advantage of these two is that being based in the US, so they dovetail nicely into the rest of my trading day.

Anyhow, a full card today; so I’d better start getting ready for that. Good luck everybody.

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