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Back in 2004 I stood up in-front of some financial market traders, in Clitheroe of all places, and talked to them about how I traded on Betfair.

Such was the interest that the company that invited me asked me to do a full day of training for them and that was how I started offering advice on how to trade.

Since then things have moved on a lot. It was tough back then as people hadn’t really grasped the concept of trading on betting exchanges at all and it took half a day for people to just come to terms with a trade. Also, Bet Angel didn’t even exist when I first started explaining the concept.

Nowadays people want much more specific detail and advice and I’m pleased to say that we are delivering.  It would have easy to slip into ‘biz opp’ mode, but we have deliberately steered clear of this. We’ve always followed a philosophy of building original content from the ground up and only recommending things that we would only do ourselves. Unlike other offerings that may have been pushed on you, we only have trainers that are active full time succesful exchanges traders themselves.

We also have our own dedicated trading room and have learnt a lot form the people who have been through the academy. You realise that there are many different levels and ways that people learn so a one fits all approach doesn’t necessarily work.

One of the problems I have had is time. If you are actively trading, it’s tough to find additional time to either prepare, deliver, or to let go of the feeling you are missing out on a opportunity. So I brought in some other full timers to help me out. As a result we can also provide one to one mentoring at our offices or remote training for people who can’t make it to our facilities. On top of that, brand new online courses are also just around the corner. We are also going to provide some free advice so that traders can get together.  No special limited time offers, or high pressure sales techniques, we are here all year round to help you.

Keep your eye on the website or join the newsletter to keep up to date.

Must dash now as I have some more people in today, just getting a few coffee’s down to wake myself up and keep myself going for a busy day!


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I left a good job in the consumer technology industry to go a trade on Betfair for a living way back in June 2000. I've been here ever since pushing very boundaries of what's possible on betting exchanges and loved every minute of it.

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