Getting a little jumpy

13/10/2012 | By More

It’s that time of year when the flat turf season yields to the jumps.

You often find the markets and underlying results go a bit wonky at this time. Things don’t act the same way as normal and markets shift a bit, I have mentioned this in previous years.

 You tend to find, feature races being the exception of course, that the flat turf races tail off and it’s too early for form lines to be properly assessed on the jumps card. So there is always a period of dislocation during the transitional periods. This manifests itself in the market higher volatility so a more cautious approach is needed, or an acceptance of a bumpier P&L.

Of course, one mans nightmare is another’s dream in a market. So a lot is dependant on your trading style, but it’s worth noting this effect. It also occurs in reverse at the end of the Jumps season.

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