Rain stops play, starts trade

11/06/2012 | By More

After a generally uncompetitive end to the women’s Tennis at the French Open I was looking forward to a decent final in the men’s. Fresh from the Aussie open blockbuster I had hoped we could see some very competitive action, not forgoing Nadal’s dominance on clay.

The first set was a bit of a mish mash with five breaks in seven games before Nadal went on to go two sets up. Djokovic needed some something to turn it around and it came out of the blue, or grey to be more accurate, a rain delay. After the delay Nadal had lost his stride and this gave Djokovic the chance to get back into the match. At that point it was Nadal looking to the heavens for an opportunity to get Djokovic out of the zone and the weather obliged again. The two rains delays, and subsequent swing in fortunes, account for the majority of the movement on the right of the graph.

At that point you would guess the situatoin would go back to Nadal’s favour after the break and that’s exactly what happened. Both rain breaks have provided good trading opportunties. The big question now is if there will be another rain break before the final can end?

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