Tonights football opportunties

06/03/2012 | By More

I like the look of the champions league tonight, but I can’t trade it as I’ll be out watching the football instead. I’ve been doing a lot more of that this year and really enjoyed it. What’s life if you can’t enjoy the fruits of your labour?

The Arsenal vs AC Milan really catches my eye because both teams have little to lose. Arsenal wont gain any credibility by defending and will have to have a go. With Van Persie is such great form it would be a surprise to see a stalemate. The market is pricing in just over three goals so that is making the draw much less likely than normal on average. You can’t share three goals.

Birmingham vs Chelsea is also interesting because of the new manager situation. I’ve studied manager sackings extensively, so this match will give me a clue as to the psychology going on in the Chelsea players heads. A relief rally will indicate it was the players that got AVB sacked. A poor performance will suggest deeper issues or a reaction to the new appointment. I’ll be looking for clues anyhow. The market looks fairly priced.

Should be an interesting evening.

More than one would be nice!

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