EBore & the sack race

21/08/2011 | By More

The York EBOR moved this year to a Saturday and as a consequence it killed it from a trading perspective. Chester races were only five minutes in front of York and Chester did it’s best to ruin York all day saving the best for the feature race by going off only 38 seconds before the big race at York. Racing UK got in about five seconds of coverage and most of that was covered with a graphic of the odds. Thanks racing, another own goal.

I think I may change my mind on the sack race, the first manager to get sacked this year. Leicester failed to win again yesterday and Sven didn’t sound very ethusiastic in the post match interview, but better than Paul Jewell who appears to be a completely beaten man at Ipswich. Twelve goals conceded in two games and a humiliation at Peterborough yesterday. I don’t think I have ever seen statistics so one sided in a competitive high level football match. I’m struggling to work out if I have ever seen a match where a team scores first but goes on to them concede seven goals, must be some sort of record at this level. For a match report visit the following link: –



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