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26/06/2011 | By More

We are now just beyond the half way point in the year. So double what you have made so far and you end up around your annual total!

Glad I am sat here and not half drunk on some beach. OK I lied, but any regret at not getting sun burnt has been tempered by some fantastic results in the market this week. I’ve really picked up speed in June and I am heading for a great month overall. Despite taking more time off this year I am still ahead of the previous year, I must be doing something right!

The early rounds at Wimbledon have thrown up some first class opportunities. I recently waded through ten years of grand slam tennis results to look at some key metrics and it’s proved enlightening. Wimbledon has provided many opportunities already to profit, so I hope the second week picks up where the first left off. Rather than post up lots of charts here, have a look at the Wimbledon thread where I have been posting charts from matches I have been actively trading. It acts as a useful collecting point for these and should give you some interesting perspective on what I am looking at in a Tennis match.

I managed a record race this week. Not for the week, month or year, but an all time record. I can’t tell you how great that feels after so long in the market. I’ve been making good progress on complimentary activities as well this year and have learnt new things about the market in the process. Hopefully in the final six months of the year I can put some of that into practice.

Talking of practice, don’t forget to download the latest version of Bet Angel which now has a fully functional practice mode. With Wimbledon into it’s final week, why not fire up some Tennis matches and play around with Tennis Trader to get a feel for how to trade tennis. Wimbledon is just one of many tournaments with good liquidity. Before long the tour will be heading over the pond for a time zone that will mean you can trade tennis in the evening to compliment anything you do during the day.

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