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In line with my objective to take more time off this year, I had a well timed break after after Royal Ascot to head off for a BIG wedding abroad. What a fantastic experience it was and how I wish I could have extended the trip to the post wedding bash on the edge of the mediterranean. Wimbledon was calling though, so I had to make do with what was a fantastic few days instead. We packed so much in and hardly slept each night, so it felt more like weeks than days.

I arrived home to the rain and a rain delayed Wimbledon. I immediately felt like I could have got away with a few more days! I also kept pondering whether working in the UK is all it’s cracked up to be. With modern technology, it’s quite possible to work anywhere I want. I can’t help thinking I should do exactly that.

Originally the wedding was last week but moved to this week. This was lucky, or else I would have missed Royal Ascot. As it was,  Royal Ascot went very well in the end. I think I may have done a slightly better job over the week, but not that much better. I managed my best ever day at Ascot, my second best week on Betfair and if you include Betdaq, my best ever, ever, week. I say “if you include” as I am sure that while working on both exchanges was definitely complimentary overall, there were a few races where I just couldn’t focus on both intensely enough and had to sacrifice one or the other.

I was nervous about Ascot having had such a rough time last year, but on just one day this year I beat my entire total for the same week last year. How? I dug down and learnt from last year and changed my approach. I’ve seen so many ‘experts’ vanish without a trace I never taken anything for granted in whatever I do, especially in this market! If you ever want advice from somebody on anything, time in the job is a great qualifier.

Some great memories

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