Grass is for cows

20/06/2011 | By More

Wimbledon is the only grand slam on grass, but it wasn’t always that way. Two other tournaments were played on grass on the grand slam circuit. The US Open, was played on grass until 1974, and the Australian Open, was played on grass until 1988.

Very few players would not admit that a win at Wimbledon would be a career defining moment. But it’s not through trying that players fail; it’s generally down to how each surface plays. Research by the ATP in 1992 showed that the average length of a point on grass was just 2.7 seconds versus 8.2 seconds on Clay. As there are more tournaments on artificial surfaces, many professional tennis players tend to prefer the slowness and higher bounce to be found on clay courts to the speed and low bounce of grass courts. That is why you see serve and volley players doing well at Wimbledon, as well as those with a powerful serve.

So, is Wimbledon dull and boring with such short lived points? More tomorrow.

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