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09/05/2011 | By More

For some reason this week each year is the week where errors creep in, unexpected things happen and bad luck gets called in. I’ve netted some of my most spectacular failure in week 20 for some reason, year after year. I can’t explain why and despite attempts in previous years to be super cautious during this week, something always trips me up. It could be anything, a system crash, broadband failure, Betfair crash, highly unusual event, anything.

So you can understand my nervousness at heading into this week. I had a decent Sunday out at relatives and was fairly buoyant heading into the office this morning. Got on with some work, made a few phone calls and everything was good. Got set up for the first race and then “boom”, a major power outage and the office plunges into darkness. Not a problem as I can re-locate to my home and work from there. Everybody ups sticks and leaves the office. When I get home it seems the outage is a large one as it has affected my home as well. But not a problem as I have a third backup, I can trade from the car. In the boot I have a power inverter and various plugs in case of emergency. I can just go outside and use a 3G connection, the car acts as a backup generator providing endless power. I have a choice of iPad, tablet or normal laptop to use and I have a permanent copy of Bet Angel running as a back up on a VPS. This means I can remote to the server make full use of the low bandwidth over 3G and hit the get out button or switch locations in literally seconds. So…….. I nip into the car log onto Betfair and oh… Betfair is down! Good start to the week!

However, I’m not worried about all the things that happened this morning, they are know unknowns (to quote Donald Rumsfeld). What I am always worried about in the unknown unknowns. I’ll let you know if any happen again this week. As it is, when the day got going it was a reasonable one, so the initial problems of today are firmly parked in the history bucket. I am 1/6 of the way to not repeating history so far in week 20.

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