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OK the racing has been entertaining, but the trading has been less fulfilling and lacked a bit of spark about it. This is probably due to a participant(s) in the market that is causing grief for quite a few traders.

On Tuesday I seriously underperformed in light of this activity, but on Wednesday I turned it around having monitored the activity. I think that’s the problem with this tactic, it is easily exposed. We put the autotrading spreadsheet on the market using small stakes and analysed the resultant data to understand what is really going on. This answered quite a few questions for us, but still left some unanswered; but it was a big step forward. We think this person could get seriously caught out given the right situation occurring in the market, so we are just waiting for the that opportunity. We will continue to monitor this unusual activity.

The Ebor turned over £1.6m vs £2.3m last year but on a like for like basis it was about level. I underperformed on this race, but still got a reasonable result.

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