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I was cursing my comments on April at the start of May. I think I previously quoted that I had the wind behind me. At the start of May, I had a force 10 gale in my face! But by the end of the month things were a lot more comfortable and I put in an excellent performance. Some times the market can be like that.

Somebody was asking on the forum how it’s possible to make £1k a race? That turned into an interesting discussion but the fortunate timing of the thread also highlighted the fickle nature of the markets. As the discussion started, on one day I coasted through the markets and did get a £1k race, but the prior day was a huge battle, but still OK (See below). My point on the thread was that as long as you can get something from most races it soon all adds up. You have to take the rough with the smooth, but you should also remember that with 10,000 races a year and near on £7bn in matched bets, you don’t need impressive individual totals to build up a decent week, month or year. It’s a mistake to go for the impressive figures, especially when starting out.

Which sounds more impressive? I made £1k on the day or I only made £20 per race? In fact at this time of year both can be one and the same. With some days containing nearly 50 races, larger totals are not out of reach for many. Couple that with improving quality in June and there are plenty of opportunities around. June also brings the world cup and Wimbledon so it’s going to be a very, very busy month. I’m going to do some shameless plugging in the coming weeks as we have the perfect set of tools, like Soccer Mystic, to help you through what should be a bumper month. Good luck whatever you are doing and however you do it!

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