Ten pound trader – Day five

07/10/2009 | By More

As predicted Monday was a tough one, but I failed to predict that I would actually try to trade it with TPT. What a fool, I shouldn’t have bothered as I initially indicated. TPT made only a tiny amount on Monday but it was still 5% of stake. Yesterday was a bit better and boosted the stake to up to £21.58 overall for today a gain of 15%.

So, in five days we have gone from a stake of £10 to a stake of £20. If we factor in a growth of 10% per day on average we should be able to get our stake up to £50 in around ten days time. So far, we haven’t really had any blockbuster days. I think I started this at the wrong time of the year. It’s a lot tougher out there at the moment.

At smaller levels the gains are tiny so far, an average of just 11p per race at the moment, but so are the losses! As we compound up, we should be able to start accelerating that amount. This is exactly how I started many years ago. When your confidence is fragile, slowly building your stake up should slowly lift your profits up without putting yourself under two much pressure. If you get a bad result, that doesn’t hurt as much either. Pretty graph attached!

091007 - Graph

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