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Life on the trading desk of a bookmaker – Pt. 3

Life on the trading desk of a bookmaker – Pt. 3

This episode, how bookmakers trade their markets….

Click on the text for Part one and Part two.

The model

For all sports, a model kicks out the updated prices so there is no extra work involved, it’s just a case of keeping an eye on your position.

Everybody trades differently, some like to keep the liabilities very small and will tend to adjust prices regularly to balance the books, some like to take larger risks and are comfortable with

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Life on the trading desk of a big bookmaker – Pt. 2

Life on the trading desk of a big bookmaker – Pt. 2

For part one click here

The day came to start my new role as an ‘in-play sports trader’……

Inside the offices

The department was massive, large TV screens covered the walls, there were rows of desks with multiple screen set-ups. It looked fantastic, I knew I had made the right decision to apply for this job, I felt a buzz just from being there.

I pictured it to be like the trading floor of a stock broker’s with everyone rushing

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Betfair Trader Scam – Please circulate

Betfair Trader Scam – Please circulate

If you have been affected by this, or know anybody that has, please get them to contact us as we want to put an end to this scam. Send us as much information as you have.

1st warning sign – Unsolicited contact

You will have no doubt become familiar with online scams and phone text ‘phishing’ messages. Basically messages designed to dupe you into parting with your username, password, access to key services or sometimes your cash.

Usually, these are …

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Ten pound trader – Day five

Ten pound trader – Day five

As predicted Monday was a tough one, but I failed to predict that I would actually try to trade it with TPT. What a fool, I shouldn’t have bothered as I initially indicated. TPT made only a tiny amount on Monday but it was still 5% of stake. Yesterday was a bit better and boosted the stake to up to £21.58 overall for today a gain of 15%.

So, in five days we have gone from a stake of £10 …

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