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Great news, it’s the French Open. Your last chance to practice your Tennis trading before Wimbledon. While you are having a practice take a look at Bet Angel’s Guardian feature which is perfect for Tennis training. I’ve uploaded a video here: –

Murray served up a good start trading opportunity with a roller-coaster against an opponent ranked well below him. Starting at 1.05 and out of sorts, Murray sort of stumbled through the early part of the match with a bunch of unforced errors.This handed the initiative to Starace.

At 1.05 Murray looked a certainty but I’d always prefer to lay at this level. I didn’t though, as it was early on in the tournament and I didn’t expect a struggle. What I did do however was sit and wait for a turning point. With Starace heading for a 2-1 set lead I decided to get involved.  I was really looking for Murray to get his game together, grab a few points or games and for Starace to drop his head. Sport is all about confidence and being in the zone. If you reach that point or fall out of it, things change.

I missed the exact turning point, but managed to back Murray at 2.14 when he seemed to step up a gear with some demoralising shots against his opponent. From there Murray really started to play better and better. My exact entry was determined by the change in mood on court but equally importantly, the up and downside risk. At the point I got involved Starace was priced to win the second set. If he did, my downside was limited but if Murray, ranked 100 places higher, turned things around the price would collapse back towards the starting price of 1.05 pretty quickly. That’s exactly what happened. Once Murray found his gear things really started to motor and Starace lost his way. When the price reached 1.07 I laid the trade back into the market for a fully green profit of 100% of my stake. I greened at this level for a similar reason as at the top. Here the upside was limited and the downside more prominent. As the match progresses the swings get wilder so for the sake of a few pound it was worth closing out. I also needed to get out for a walk or something for lunch. The road from 1.07 to 1.01 was going to take a bit of time and it didn’t make sense to hang on given the risk profile. Considering all the above it made sense to close at that point.

In all an excellent trade, Andy, I owe you another beer.


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